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Even with the best genes and dedicated, daily use of sunscreen, signs of aging usually appear on your face before anywhere else on your body. Your skin is more thin and fragile here and is more vulnerable to sun damage than the rest of your skin, especially here in sunny Florida. Over time, your body’s ability to build new collagen and elastin fibers slows. Combined with the rapid cellular breakdown caused by the harmful UV rays in sunlight, this leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss.

What’s a facelift?

A facelift, also called rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that reduces the appearance of signs of aging on your face, including:

Deep lines on your forehead and below your eyes
Deep wrinkles between your nose and mouth
Lost skin tone
Sagging, loose skin
Extra fat and skin under your jaw and chin

Dr. Nees uses his decades of experience to lift and tighten your facial skin and muscles and remove excess fat and loose skin.

How can a facelift restore your appearance?

A facelift can restore and enhance your appearance and boost your self-esteem. Dr. Nees tailors your facelift to suit your features and deliver your desired results. For example, during a facelift, he tightens sagging skin to provide a smooth, firm, and unwrinkled appearance. He also adjusts your facial muscles to create a firm, youthful foundation for your skin.

As a result, you look more youthful, and you have a smooth, contoured facial silhouette. Additionally, all incisions and stitches are concealed in your hairline and other natural folds. You look younger and refreshed, but no one can see evidence of a surgical procedure.

A facelift won’t change your features, such as the shape of your eyebrows, chin, or nose. When you have your consultation with Dr. Nees, explain your concerns and desires. If another procedure is needed to achieve your desired results, Dr. Nees explains your options, answers your questions, and helps you choose the best aesthetic surgical procedures to deliver your desired results.

What are the available facelift procedures?

Dr. Nees provides several different types of facelifts to address your specific concerns. He offers customized advice on the best approaches to reduce signs of aging on different parts of your face and also considers the severity of your wrinkles and loose skin.

Full facelift

A full facelift targets your entire face and neck for a dramatically rejuvenated appearance. Dr. Nees lifts and tightens your forehead, cheeks, jowls, jawline, and neck. He removes excess skin and fat and adjusts your facial muscles to resuspend your skin.

Mid facelift

In a mid facelift, Dr. Nees targets the middle portion of your face, lifting and tightening the skin and muscles around your cheeks and nose. He corrects drooping cheeks and nasolabial folds caused by lost skin elasticity and volume. It provides long-lasting results that other treatments such as dermal fillers.

Mini facelift

A mini facelift addresses cheek and nose wrinkles as well as tightening your jawline and loose skin under your eyes. Mini facelifts only take around an hour and are a good option if you have mild to moderate mid-face laxity.

Lower facelift

If you’re concerned by loose skin around your mouth, jawline, and neck, Dr. Nees may recommend a lower facelift to target this area specifically. He can reduce the appearance of jowls or a double chin by removing excess skin and fat and tightening your skin.

Thread facelift

Dr. Nees may recommend a thread facelift if you have mild wrinkles and skin laxity, but don’t necessarily need a facial surgery to restore your appearance. During the procedure, he inserts threads under your skin and tightens them to lift your skin.

Am I a good candidate for a facelift?

Dr. Nees provides comprehensive consultations and exams before scheduling a facelift or any other procedure. You need to be in good health but have concerns about sagging facial skin, wrinkles, and volume loss. Overall, you should:

Have a positive outlook and realistic expectations
Have facial skin sagging or volume loss
Feel unhappy about your facial appearance
Not smoke or use drugs

You also need to have realistic expectations about how a facelift can restore your appearance. Facelifts won’t change your features, but it will help you look youthful and refreshed.

How should I prepare for a facelift?

Dr. Nees provides customized instructions to help you prepare for your procedure. He reviews your medical history and takes note of any medications, vitamins, or supplements that you take regularly.

If you smoke, he recommends that you stop using tobacco at least two to four weeks before your facelift. Smoking not only interferes with the healing process but also contributes to many of the signs of aging, you have a facelift to address.

You will need to avoid eating or drinking for approximately eight hours before your surgery and should arrange for a friend or family member to drive you to and from your appointment. In most cases, facelifts are outpatient procedures, and you can go home after you recover from anesthesia.

What should I expect while I recover from my facelift?

Dr. Nees applies a bandage around your face to cover incision sites and reduce post-surgical bruising and swelling. You will have some tenderness, but any discomfort, bruising, and swelling should fade quickly if you follow Dr. Nees’ customized aftercare instructions. The effects of your facelift become more apparent as any swelling and bruising subside.

Call Dr. Nees today or schedule a consultation online today to learn more about your facelift options and start the process of restoring your youthful, beautiful appearance.

You can see examples of Dr. Nees’ facelift work. Check out our gallery that shows the youthful rejuvenation provided by expert facelift procedures.

Results vary between patients.

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